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Koi Pond and Aquatic Garden Cleaning Louisville

Two Fish Koi Pond Cleaners of Louisville provide cleaning and emergency cleaning services for commercial and residential ponds and aquatic gardens.  We do pond repair work including: relining, patching, re-plumbing and replacement of pumps and filters.  Our services also include evaluation of PH levels and solutions.  We also offer pond removal and disposal services.

In addition to pond cleaning we also have a large variety of Koi and Goldfish.  If you are looking for Koi and can’t find any then give us call!  

Two Fish is locally owned company that has been in business for over 11 years.  We specialize in water feature cleaning that keep your aquatic livestock and plant life safe during the cleaning process.  Two Fish will accept small and large water feature cleaning jobs within Louisville and surrounding areas.  We clean ponds in Louisville, KY including St. Matthews, Middletown, Portland, Beechmont, Shawnee, Highlands, Anchorage, Glenview and Cherokee Seneca.

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